About Bailey Fencing & Landscaping

Bailey Fencing & Landscaping are part of the Bailey MK group. Bailey MK is a construction company established in 1978 and offering services throughout the Milton Keynes area for decades. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience with accreditation and commitment to excellence.

Bailey Fencing & Landscaping are a friendly and professional team of workers taking on commercial and industrial landscaping projects of all sizes. Anything from new build housing estates, rebuilds and renovations to large business premises.

As a company, Bailey MK work from the ground up, offering quality landscape services, fencing, construction, loft conversions and roofing. We have a multitude of skill sets and years of experience which gives us the ability to look at the big picture and pull together the right people for the right job.

We keep our ears to the ground and come up with some bright ideas of the highest standards in landscaping and beyond.

Welcome to Bailey MK – get to know, like and trust us.